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Capital Projects Feasibility Programme for SMME’s…

The Capital Projects Feasibility Programme makes targeted grants that contribute to the cost of feasibility studies into projects outside South Africa that are likely to increase local exports for South African capital goods and services. The primary objectives of the programme is to facilitate feasibility studies that are likely to lead to high-impact projects which […]
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Workplace Challenge Programme

The Workplace Challenge Programme is a focused supply side intervention of the dti, managed by Productivity South Africa, aiming to actively encourage and support negotiated workplace change towards enhancing productivity and world-class competitiveness, best operating practices,  continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, while resulting in job creation. The key objectives of the Workplace Challenge Programme include: Implementing leadership […]
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Technology and Human Resource for Industry Programme

The Technology and Human Resource for Industry Programme (THRIP) by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to leverage collaborative partnerships between government and industry (working with academia) for research and development in science, engineering, and technology on a cost-sharing basis of up to R8 million, to produce highly-skilled human resources and technology solutions for […]
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Support Programme for Industrial Innovation

The Support Programme for Industrial Innovation is designed to promote technology development in South Africa’s industry, through the provision of financial assistance for the development of innovative products and/or processes. The Support Programme for Industrial Innovation is focused specifically on the development phase, which begins at the conclusion of basic research and ends at the […]
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Strategic Partnership Programme

The Strategic Partnership Programme is to develop and support programmes/interventions aimed at enhancing the manufacturing and services supply capacity of suppliers with linkages to strategic partner’s supply chains, industries or sectors. Grant Support The grant approval will be based on projections for the first year at application stage whereas the approval for subsequent year(s) will […]
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Sector Specific Assistance Scheme

The Sector-Specific Assistance Scheme (SSAS) is a reimbursable cost-sharing incentive scheme whereby financial support is granted to organisations supporting the development of industry sectors and those contributing to the growth of South African exports. Organisations supported under the Sector-Specific Assistance Scheme include Export Councils, Joint Action Groups, Industry Associations and those involved in activities aimed […]
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Production Incentive can benefit SMME’s…

The Production Incentive programme consists of an Upgrade Grant Facility, which is meant to focus on competitiveness improvement and an Interest Subsidy for Working Capital Facility which is meant to support working capital requirements resulting from past and future upgrading interventions The Production Incentive programme is a market-neutral incentive resulting in an incentive benefit equal […]
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Manufacturing Competitiveness Enhancement Programme

Developing countries that have shown upward economic trends have relied on the manufacturing sector as their engine room for growth. The Manufacturing Competitiveness Enhancement Programme, is a support scheme that offers production incentives and financial loan facilities to the manufacturing industry in South Africa. The Manufacturing Competitiveness Enhancement Programme grant provides a rebate for the […]
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Innovation and Technology Funding instruments incentive

The Research and Development Tax Incentive The Research and Development Tax Incentive was designed to encourage private-sector investment in scientific and technological research and development activities. It was introduced to help the country achieve a target for R&D expenditure of 1% of GDP. In South Africa, the R&D Tax Incentive is a major form of […]
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Global Business Services Incentive

The Global Business Services Incentive provides an enabling environment for potential investors coupled with a deeper domain skills advantage, significant cost savings among other global locations, and providing a world-class experience for those who set up their operations in South Africa. Secured contract 3 year fixed contract required at application Incentive Three differential incentive for […]