Sector Specific Assistance Scheme

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Sector Specific Assistance Scheme

The Sector-Specific Assistance Scheme (SSAS) is a reimbursable cost-sharing incentive scheme whereby financial support is granted to organisations supporting the development of industry sectors and those contributing to the growth of South African exports.

Organisations supported under the Sector-Specific Assistance Scheme include Export Councils, Joint Action Groups, Industry Associations and those involved in activities aimed at the development of emerging exporters.

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SSAS has three components:

SSAS: Generic Funding

Funding of non-profit business organisations in sectors and sub-sectors of industry prioritised by the dti.


  • R50 000 grant for establishing an export council;
  • Matching grant based on membership income (for operational costs) in a 2:1 ratio to a maximum of R1 million;
  • Local advertising and publicity;
  • Marketing materials (export directories and brochures, video and CD-Roms); and
  • Local exhibition assistance.

SSAS: Project Funding

This is a 80:20 reimbursable cost-sharing grant whereby financial support is granted to export councils, joint action groups (JAGS) and industry associations aiming at developing particular sectors of the industry, finding new export markets and promoting participation by black SMMEs, women, youth and people with disabilities in the economy.

SSAS: Project Funding for Emerging Exporters

Compensates the costs in respect of activities aimed at the development of South African emerging exporters. The qualifying applicants are export councils, industry associations, provincial investment and economic development agencies, business chambers, (seda) , local municipalities and metropolitan councils.

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Qualifying SSAS Projects

  • A project is a collection of specific tasks to achieve measurable outcomes and milestones, with a defined short-term period and its associated costs.
  • The project must be focused on improving sector export focus, performance and/or emerging exporter capabilities and be developmental and/or promotional in nature.
  • The project should benefit the sector as a whole or specific value chains within sectors, in terms of the SSAS objectives

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