Workplace Challenge Programme

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Workplace Challenge Programme

The Workplace Challenge Programme is a focused supply side intervention of the dti, managed by Productivity South Africa, aiming to actively encourage and support negotiated workplace change towards enhancing productivity and world-class competitiveness, best operating practices,  continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, while resulting in job creation.

Workplace Challenge Programme (WPC)-01

The key objectives of the Workplace Challenge Programme include:

  • Implementing leadership practices in participating enterprises that promote teamwork, participation, continuous learning and flexibility.
  • Focusing on simultaneous improvement of quality, speed / delivery, cost and morale in participating enterprises.
  • Establishing close links with customers and suppliers of participating enterprises.
  • Driving both linear (kaizen) and non-linear (kaikaku) improvement initiatives within the participating enterprises.
  • Eliminating all forms of waste and making value flow within participating enterprises.

The Workplace Challenge Programme is geared towards promoting four aspects essential for success:

  1. Leadership Practices:
    The goal is to improve teamwork and participation flexibility by involving those on the shop floor in the improvement of company performance.
  2. Quality, speed, cost and morale.
  3. Continuous learning to facilitate growth.
  4. Inspiration by involving employees within smaller businesses in a cluster with larger companies.

Benefits of cluster membership

  • Participating enterprises are assisted to focus on business objectives and alignment throughout the organisation.
  • Enterprises are coached towards improved competitiveness and service delivery through continuous improvement of quality (improving customer satisfaction), speed (ensuring on-time delivery), cost-effectiveness (reducing reject rate / waste) and morale (reducing absenteeism).
  • Enterprises often see immediate, results in the workplace, in the form of a visually clean and well-organised workplace.
  • Leaders and teams are equipped with the tools and skills to implement world-best practices. Companies are coached in implementing world-class manufacturing principles.
Workplace Challenge Programme (WPC)-02
  • Usually one of the results is enhanced teamwork and spontaneous participation, continuous learning and useful product or process innovations from the shop floor.
  • Attendance of Milestone Workshops where participants can benefit from mutual sharing in the lessons learned by each.

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